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"Red Skies" - Official Show Site
"Red Skies" is a powerful and award winning Israeli  TV series about a double drama:
war and the split within the people who endure it, during the second Intifada.
The site I designed features a timeline of events that occurred in Israel between 2005-2000 In the timeline you can also find behind the scenes, and comparisons between events that occurred both in the show and in real life. The site also features a "Character Introduction" page, "Awards and Critics" page, direction to the official Podcast and more.
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Samsung Interactive Promotion
Discover exclusive videos of your beloved "Big Brother" characters inside the new Galaxy Z Flip 5. You can like, dislike and even have a chance to win prizes.
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Big Brother Awards
An interactive site is the perfect way to watch and vote for the most entertaining and emotional moments of the show. With the power in your hands, you can decide which scene made you laugh out loud or shed a tear.
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Big Brother x Galaxy Z Flip5
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Red Skies Official Show Site
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